Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How I Met My Husband

"She hadn't taken her eyes off me. I thought she suspected my lie." page 143

How does the story generate suspense? Which developments of the plot help to increase the suspense?

This story was very suspenseful and contained many exciting moments. Chris first appearing created suspense because Edie thinks she is alone in the house and the reader doesn't know what kind of a person Chris is yet. Alice coming to town was a twist in the story. It created the image of a villain because the reader sees a potential love story between Chris and Edie and then Alice coming interrupts that idea. After Edie leave Chris and returns to the house, the reader is on the edge of their seat. I know for me personally, I was almost scared for what might happen next. I knew that Edie kissing Chris would not be tolerated well by Alice so I was greatly anticipating how Alice would react if she found out the truth. I think the most suspense came towards the end of the story while Edie is waiting by the mailbox. The author has Edie routinely going to the mailbox everyday with high hopes. This makes the reader sympathize with Edie and want her to receive a letter so badly. Edie's husband being the mailman created a surprise ending. The reader was expecting the husband to be Chris the entire story so changing up the ending definitely created suspense.

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